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Poly Poncho Slip-On Rags with Black Bag

Poly Poncho Slip-On Rags with Black Bag

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Poly Poncho slip-on rags can quickly turn any poly bounce board into the rag you need!

Created by The New York Key Grip - Julio Yurnet. 

All Poly Ponchos include a zipper and carry handle. The 4' x 8' sizes also include velcro sides for easy to attach Poly Ponchos to create V-Flats. 

They are available in three different sizes 2' x 4', 4' x 4' and 4' x 8'. 

Styles Choices: 

Bleached / Unbleached Muslin
Bleached / Silver Lame
Bleached Muslin / Black Solid
Day Blue / Night Blue Muslin
Digital Blue / Green Screen
Black Solid / White Ultra
Black / White Ultra

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