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Clear Bag 36 x 28 x 52" 3-Mil - Clear

Clear Bag 36 x 28 x 52" 3-Mil - Clear

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Visqueen Camera Rain Covers are tough and durable, yet lightweight and expendable. These 3-mil bags can be slit, allowing the matte box or lens to protrude out, and if you operate with a monitor, the visqueen is clear enough to frame,  compose and shoot with. When you're on location or shooting in wet conditions, you'll want to make sure your equipment is protected and safe. The Visqueen Camera Rain Covers will give you peace of mind knowing that your cameras or gear is protected from the elements.

Each expendable camera rain cover comes within its own 3-mil reusable visqueen storage bag.

  • Protects cameras and other gear
  • Can be slit so you can keep rolling in the rain
  • Clear for monitor framing
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